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  • Virtual Counseling 
  • Relationship Issues 
  • Anxiety 
  • Self Esteem  
  • Transgender 
  • Binge Eating 
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Therapy is often the last resort after a person has spent time understanding, managing and accepting their situation. I see the process of therapy as a joint venture between client and therapist. I will never tell you what you should (or shouldn’t) do, but rather help you explore the course that might be best for your current needs. I offer ongoing support for anxiety, relationship issues, past trauma and healing your relationship with food and your body. I am also comfortable supporting survivors of partner abuse. Because a strong therapeutic relationship forms the basis of effective treatment, our process is a collaborative one.
Via an anti-oppressive framework, I understand that intersecting identities make us vulnerable to multiple forms of oppression and aim to create an environment that is validating and nurturing. Together we will uncover your strengths and rebuild your self-esteem, creating the space to recognize patterns no longer serving you and establish new ways of coping.
I view being a part of your healing process as a privilege and offer virtual sessions you can attend from any private space you choose, so therapy is accessible and easy to fit into your day. All you need is your phone/laptop and a pair of headphones. Visit my website to learn more about my areas of expertise and whether you might want to work together.
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